How to live a Happy Life In the Era of Smart Gadgets

By | March 10, 2019

In Today’s World where all of Us are surrounded by Smart Gadgets like –  Laptop, Mobile, Tablet, Smartwatch and Smart Band etc. Many more Gadgets will have to come in the coming future. we have spent the most time with these gadgets. Hence, we have lost yourself or have no time for yourself. Sometimes feels unhappy due to use of it wanted or Unwantedly. In order to live your life healthy & joyfully, we need to make a balance in our life by using all these gadgets. Let’s talk about some good habits to achieve peace in life.

1. Do Not Own All Gadgets – Yes, Sorry to say you, But It is important to stick only useful gadgets as per your requirement. if you have fewer gadgets than obviously, you save more time in a day. Because the company focuses only on the marketing of any new product with too much hype. As a result, most users want to buy it without understanding their need.

2. Use the Power of Discipline – Yes, you can use the power of discipline to use gadgets in the time frame. As Mobile is mostly used the gadget in a day so you should only use it for calling rather than unusual tasks. You can use your gadgets as per your requirement only.

3. Avoid Continuous use of any Gadget – yes, you should not use your gadgets regularly. you should take 5-minute intervals every hour . it will avoid any headache or Eye strain problems to you.




4. Say GoodBye in Night- you should never use your Gadget in Night without proper light. So that it may not impact on your eyes. In addition to that,it can be more pleasing if you stop using at your sleep time. because generally, we all are using most while going to sleep.

5. Say Hello to Nature – Due to our busy lifestyles, we have just forgotten the power of mother nature. So try to use the maximum time possible, spending with Nature in the morning. Go out and take the power of the sun in the morning. So, you could counter the bad effects with the help of mother nature.

6. Don’t Be Slave of Gadgets – “you are the Boss of Gadgets, Gadgets are not the Boss of you.” Means – do not addict too much without any valid goal, or If you are not going to add any value to in your life. Because whenever we are trying to devalue our self then we addicted to gadgets easily.

7. Value Your Time – when you understand the value of your time deeply. then you obviously leave unwanted browsing on social media platforms. Because if we are not any professional work at social media platforms then we should not use more than learning. Always ask yourself a Question – Am I learning anything?

In Conclusion,If you obey the above rules of smart gadgets in your life, then you will be definitely live your life peacefully. hope you enjoy the article of smart gadgets.

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