How much do you know your Computer Mouse?

By | March 9, 2019

The mouse is an important accessory of a computer. you could not imagine a computer without a mouse. let’s see how much do we know about the mouse. how many types of mouse available in the market? how should anyone choose it wisely? Let’s discuss the features & workings of them.

1. MECHANICAL Mouse –  this mouse has a rubber ball to track the movement on your computer screen. Your cursor moves in the direction of the ball. It needs the cleaning of rubber ball regularly for good working. it uses a PS/2 connector instead of the USB connector.

2. GSTICK Mouse –  this mouseis similar to pencil physically. it is used mainly for office work & web browsing. it is wireless & small size. it is widely used by kids for painting or creative projects. Also, It is used by professional for photo & video editing, designing and sketching etc.

3. OPTICAL Mouse –  this mouse is widely used by everyone in the world. this mouse has an economical price and easy availability. It uses Light emitting diode(LED) & Digital signal Processing (DSP) technology instead of a rubber ball.

4. LASER Mouse – this mouse is very similar to Optical mouse having an only difference of LASER light instead of LED light. it transforms the information to the computer through Laser light. it is also more precise and accurate than an optical mouse, to track the movements and can be used almost any surfaces.

5. WIRELESS Mouse – As the name suggests, this mouse has no wire or cord. it uses the Radio Frequency (RF) technology to transfer the information to the computer.

this mouse uses an extra Bluetooth card plugged into the USB port of the computer. So that Mouse can communicate to the computer wirelessly. it is also widely used by everyone.

6. TRACKBALL Mouse – it is a different type of mouse. As it contains a case with the ball at the top instead of the bottom, that moves the cursor on the screen. The user can move the ball with fingers or thumbs and sensors of the case detects the direction of the ball movement. we can say it a stationary mouse and can be used easily in less desk space. these mice are costlier than previous mice.

Know Key Features before choosing a Mouse

So to choose a mouse we need to understand the main key factors. let’s talk about various key features.

DPI (dots per inch) – yes, this is the main talked feature of the mouse. DPI generally describes the relation between mouse physical movement & cursor movement on display. for Normal user, mostly it does not matter a lot.

* Higher DPI is suitable for High-resolution display & easy to traverse multi-screens .

* Lower DPI is suitable for Photo editing or other software, that need a better control & precision.

*For Gaming, Switchable DPI settings mice preferred. it depends upon the particular game also.

If we tell in simple language, then Lower DPI means cursor travels slower while High DPI means cursor travels faster.

Polling Rate – this is also another key factor of a mouse. it measured in hertz(Hz), that describes how many times a mouse sends its position to the computer in a second. As High is polling rate, results in greater accuracy & control. this feature is mainly for gamers only.

RF Mouse or Bluetooth Mouse – when we think about the wireless mouse, then there are two types of technology – Bluetooth and RF (Radio frequency).

It requires a separate USB device to connect with PC. It requires Bluetooth to connect with PC.
Connect to only one PC. Connect to many PC.
Engage your one USB port always. Engage no USB port.

Ergonomics of a Mouse – As the name indicates, A mouse is designed to reduce discomfort and muscle train, while using it. Therefore, it is more comfortable to hand compared to a normal mouse. So it is used mostly for heavy gaming or work for the long duration.

How much do you know about Laptop?

If you are looking to buy a mouse , then you can go for our top recommendations of Mice in different categories. now you can recognize your mouse easily while keeping an eye on your budget with the help of the above information.

TOP SEGMENT ( Price – Above 25,000 Rupees)

Logitech 910

PRICE – 1,48,555

Logitech MX Air

PRICE – 50,176


PRICE – 41,045

Logitech MX 610

PRICE – 33,475

Logitech G600

PRICE – 29,595

MID SEGMENT ( Price – 10,000 to 25,000 Rupees)

Logitech MX Anywhere 2

PRICE – 23,992

Razer Auroboros

PRICE – 15,999

Logitech G903

PRICE – 15,499


PRICE – 13,999

Lenovo N50

PRICE – 12,749

LOW SEGMENT ( Price – 5,000 to 10,000 Rupees)

Logitech MX Master

PRICE – 8,999

Lenovo N700

PRICE – 7,199


PRICE – 6,895

HP Spectre

PRICE – 6,475

Razer Lancehead

PRICE – 5,211

BUDGET SEGMENT ( Price Below 5,000 Rupees)

Microsoft Sculpt

PRICE – 4,999

Alienware AW558

PRICE – 4,372

Razer RZ01

PRICE – 3,599

Logitech M70 Trackball

PRICE – 3,199

Steel Series Rival

PRICE – 2,423


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