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By | March 11, 2019

Yes, Antivirus is a must have a software need to be installed in every laptop today. you have not seen any laptop without it. Therefore, It is very much important to choose antivirus wisely. There are generally two types of versions available in the market of various Anti-viruses  – Free & Paid version.

In addition to that, The free version can do some basic functions and Paid version can give full security to your laptop. Below we are discussing the key points before choosing the antivirus. An antivirus should be capable to do below key points for complete protection of the laptop.

1. Have Complete Protection –  An Antivirus should be capable to do protection against web browsing, protection of firewall or scanning of the system. It should also protect from new threats like – Ransomware, Trojans, Worms, Spyware, Rootkits, Adware and Network attacks etc

2. Reliability & Self Updatability –  Due to Technology advancement day by day, we are facing new types of Anti-viruses randomly. So, Your Antivirus should be updated regularly by itself. Antivirus should be reliable enough so that it could protect itself as well as a system from virus attacks. it should perform automatic scans frequently.

3. Low Impact on Laptop Performance – yes, Antivirus should not impact your laptop’s computing power. So to avoid this situation, take free trails of Antivirus before buying it. say yes to that Antivirus only, which suits your laptop.

4. User-Friendly & Prompt Support – It should be more user-friendly so that anyone can utilize & understand each an every expects easily . if a user persists a problem it should have fast backend support to solve the issue. also took customer satisfaction seriously.

5. Cost Effective – Yes, this is also a criterion before buying it. Check all the functions and supports of Antivirus thoroughly which you need. Do not pay for any extra unwanted features. And Also keep in mind that it can support multiple devices in a single license. so that it can be shared with another friend or family member or your other device.

below here we have made a list of top 10 Antivirus, from which you can choose easily any antivirus as per your requirement.

Top 10 Antivirus Software  

1. Norton

Free Customer Support  24×7
Window, Mac & Android Compatibility
Easy and Silent Updates automatically
Best in class for live threat monitoring

2. Kaspersky

Data backup & protection for all kind of threats
User-friendly, Automatically detects and remove viruses
Password Manager tool & low impact on your PC
Can configure web policy for the system
Advanced feature for money transaction

3. Quick Heal

1 product key can be used for multiple devices
Work for Windows, Mac & Android
Email & Web Security
Data theft protection & safe banking
Self, core & Malware protection

4. BullGuard

Free support 24×7, safe to public wifi
Advanced complete scan feature
Multi-Layer protection and security of private data enhancement
Anti-Phishing & Safe browsing
Ransomware  and privacy theft protection

5. Panda

Advanced protection against malware & spyware of all type
Remote access & parental control
Backup the data
Game and Multimedia mode
Anti-spam protection & enhanced Firewall

6. Bitdefender

Free Customer Support  24×7
Multi-Layer protection & secure browsing
Social network & multi-layer ransomware protection
Optimize pc performance & privacy tools
Cloud management and password manager

7. AVG

Multi device and multi platform supported
Extra security for personal data
E-mail shield technology & smart scanner
Remote management & Anti- theft protection
Boost PC performance & network protection


Support all devices & real-time threat protection
Automatically detects & removes viruses, malware & trojans
Password manager & home network protection
File lock and web-based console
Antispam protection & safe search on browsing

9. Avira

Next generation AI protection
Spyware & adware cleaner with complete protection
Password manager & better customer support
Update drivers & enhance PC performance
Get free access to future products of Avira


Do not disturb mode
Ransomware & anti-spam protection
Smart scan & wifi inspector
Automatic software updater & webcam shield
VPN & password management

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